Money Makers

At the end of the day, we know it all comes down to one thing, profit. Experts in the financial and insurance sectors, the UWC team offers you a long and storied record of success. With innovation ideas and solid financial planning (and the unmatched financial resources of the Motors Insurance Corporation), we help you achieve reliable, ongoing revenue in a day of ever shrinking margins and ever growing competition.

Reinsurance Program

UWC offers dealers a reinsurance program that maximizes their options and their potential for long-term financial growth. Within this CFC program, dealers can select from several flexible options for investments. Contact a UWC sales representative for more information.

Dealer Participation Plan (Retro)

Dealers can take advantage of UWC's Dealer Participation Plan (retro) to share in the financial success of a well-run book of business. It's easy to qualify. Ask a UWC sales representative about the Dealer Participation Plan.

Dealer No Charge Back Program

Part of the Universal Advantage group of dealer services that provides valuable financial flexibility. Eliminate the hassles that come with untimely cancellations. There are very low minimums. Minimum production of only 10 UWC qualified VSCs per month required. Find out more by talking with a UWC sales representative.