UWC’s Sales Driver

Fast. Accurate. Easy.

UWC’s Sales Driver was designed to speed and simplify the aftermarket sales process. It puts accurate information at your fingertips to ease the pressure of getting a customer in, signed and on their way. UWC’s vehicle identification number (VIN) driven electronic rating provides precise quotes through a friendly, easy-to-use web site which drastically improves the time it takes to accurately complete the sales process. A highly customizable retail markup capability helps dial in profit and eliminate chargebacks. Lastly, double entry is virtually eliminated with DMS integration.

Need an alternative finance source to make the sale? Let Sales Driver save you time and improve the accuracy of determining interest free financing payment plan alternatives for the vehicle service contract. Sales Driver shows eligible payment plans and streamlines the process of setting up a payment account. Finally, Sales Driver will produce a complete, accurate and compliant payment plan agreement. No more pre-printed paper forms!

UWC’s Sales Driver reduces another major pain point the frustration of re-contracting customers. Its electronic forms capability produces accurate, professional documents - the first time - inspiring confidence from your customers. Eliminate lost revenue and avoid rejections by using Sales Driver to accurately complete contracts. Spend more time selling and less time mending customer relations due to corrections and resubmissions.

Lastly, by using Use Sales Driver to quickly submit your contracts you can avoid costly service delays for your customers.

Sales Driver features

  • DMS Integration
  • Determination of eligibility
  • Rating by VIN or year, make and model
  • Customizable retail markup structure
  • Multiple quote comparison capability
  • Integrated interest free financing functionality
  • Automatic determination of compliant form selection and completion
  • Electronic registration of sales