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Comprehensive Primary GAP coverage for today’s unique and ever-changing marketplace

Covers the difference between what is owed on a finance contract and what the insurance company will pay to replace the vehicle

Eliminates the “gap within the gap” that can occur with other standard GAP programs

VehicleOne Primary GAP from UWC is an aftermarket product that protects a borrower’s or lessee’s responsibility for the “gap” between the amounts owed under a financial agreement and the insured value of a totaled or stolen vehicle. It gives consumers the financial security they want and need and protects dealers as well.

In the event a vehicle is declared a total loss due to accident of theft, VehicleOne Primary GAP pays off the balance due on a finance contract after the insurance settlement, and up to $1000 of the consumer’s insurance deductible, regardless of the NADA or Blue Book value of the vehicle at the time of loss.

VehicleOne Primary GAP at Work:

The numbers add up to important peace of mind.

Balance on Finance Contract $25,000
Actual Cash Value of Vehicle
(as determined by insurance company) $21,000
Consumer’s Insurance Deductible $ 1,000
Auto Insurance Company’s Payment $20,000

GAP $ 5,000

Amount waived by VehicleOne Primary GAP $ 5,000
Consumer owes 0

Benefits and Features

Strength of Coverage

VehicleOne Primary GAP covers the difference between the auto insurance settlement and the finance contract balance completely regardless of the NADA or Blue Book value of the vehicle, or a percentage of that value, at the time of loss. This creates peace of mind for customers and yourself.

Some gap programs cover only the difference between the customer’s auto insurance settlement figure and the NADA or Blue Book value of the vehicle at the time of loss. This creates what is termed “The Gap within the Gap“, leaving the consumer responsible for the remainder of the balance owed. This leads to unhappy customers who return to the selling dealership with questions.

Competitively priced

The comprehensive coverage it gives consumers when compared to its affordable price makes VehicleOne Primary GAP a unique value for money conscious consumers.

Less worry, more sales

A value that’s easy for anyone to see, VehicleOne Primary GAP gives buyers important peace of mind, creating a more satisfying sales experience for you.

Underwriting strength of MIC

VehicleOne Primary GAP is underwritten by a member of the Motors Insurance Corporation (MIC) group of insurance companies. MIC is a pioneer of VSCs and other F&I products. This isn’t a case of an insurance company dabbling in the GAP market, then deciding to exit. UWC and MIC are dedicated to the automotive market place and the F&I industry and are here to stay.

Good for you, good for the consumer

VehicleOne Primary GAP protects everyone…the independent rep/agent, dealer and consumer.

Eligibilty Guidelines and Features

Vehicle Eligibility:
  • New Vehicles
  • Used Vehicles (Current +9 model years up to 125,000 miles)

Maximum Loan to Value Ratio: 150%
Maximum Finance Amount: $100,000
Maximum Limit of Liability: $50,000
Maximum Term Financed: 84 Months on New
                                      72 Months on Used
Maximum Interest rate: 25%

Coverage Levels and Terms:

New 1-60 Months 150% LTV
New 61-72 Months 150% LTV
New 73-84 Months 150% LTV

Used 1-60 Months 150% LTV
Used 61-72 Months 150% LTV

Auto Insurance Deductible covered: Up to $1000


Day 2 (Must be sold at point of sale when finance contract is written)

Vehicle must not be used for taxi, rental, police or emergency service, delivery, or jobsite activities

Taxi includes vehicles such as vans insured under commercial auto policies whose primary purpose is to transport passengers

Light duty truck chassis and common upfits such as stake or flat beds, dump bodies, utility bodies, ambulances, and buses are not eligible

Gross vehicle weight must not exceed 14,000 pounds

Ultra luxury vehicles are excluded, including but not limited to Bentley, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Lotus, Maserati, Ferrari

Vehicles used for competition or racing

Only automobiles and light trucks are eligible; medium duty trucks, RV’s, watercraft, ATV’s, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and trailers are not eligible